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In the later stages, Friedreich's disease is manifested by paresis and severe hypotrophy of the muscles of the distal extremities. Patients lose the ability to self-service and can only move with assistance.

In addition to syndromes that develop due to damage to the central nervous system, Friedreich's ataxia has additional clinical criteria. They arise due to the involvement in the pathological process of organs and systems in which the expression of the FRDA gene is also high.

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The most common form of cialis pils pathology of cardiomyocytes; Skeletal deformities. Scoliosis, curvature of the hands and feet are manifested. A characteristic sign of pathology is considered to be a specific deformity of the foot - Friedreich's foot with a high curved arch and a special position of the fingers. There is hyperextension of the fingers in the main phalanges and their flexion in the distal ones (see photo); Syndrome of endocrine lesions (secretory disorders of the pancreas, insufficiency of the functional activity of the gonads, other hormonal disorders); Cataract.

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Friedreich's foot-type bone deformities occur not only in Friedreich's ataxia, but also in slowly progressive polyneuropathies, Strümpel's familial paraplegia, and some other hereditary diseases.

Friedreich's ataxia is an autosomal recessive pathology, so it is not always possible to trace a hereditary history.

The clinical syndrome of typical neurological disorders in combination with additional criteria are considered diagnostic signs of the disease.

However, it is possible to reliably confirm the diagnosis only after a DNA analysis and the establishment of a chromosome 9 defect.

An additional method of instrumental diagnosis of Friedreich's disease is neuroimaging, in particular magnetic resonance imaging.

Prenatal diagnosis of Friedreich's disease can be carried out starting from the 8th week of gestation. If a hereditary pathology is suspected for a period of 8-12 weeks, a chromosomal analysis of cialis tadalafil villi is performed. In a later period (16-24 weeks), amniotic fluid is taken as material for DNA analysis.

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Due to the genetic nature of the disease, there is no etiopathogenetic treatment of Friedreich's disease.

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The principles of therapy are reduced to delaying the progression of the disease., removal of the main symptoms and adaptation of the patient to the clinical manifestations of pathology.

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Taking medications is supplemented with physiotherapy exercises and physiotherapy. To facilitate the process of movement, auxiliary technical means are used - canes, crutches, walkers, a wheelchair.

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